Do you imagine being in awe about everything, even feeling that what we are going through in the planet is a wonderful process
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Do you imagine being in awe about everything, even feeling that what we are going through in the planet is a wonderful process? You go out in the street or open the newspaper and, within, you can only feel a sensation of joyful perplexity. Out of habit, we tend to do the opposite. We get overwhelmed, anguished, we can´t sleep and anxiety, stress or depression take the reins. After all, we have been very well trained towards worry and fear.

For this reason, these days I keep mulling over a verse from the Shiva Sutra

Vishmayo yogabhumikah 1.12

In which the state of yoga is described as “amazement full of bliss”. Is that possible given the times? I say “yes!” and I want to share with you a guded visualization that will shift your interpretation of things:


Take five gentle and slow breaths, loosen up the tensions and allow the present moment.

Now visualize yourself in a vital state beyond the body and your presence on Earth. You are only Self, soul, Consciousness and you are incredibly excited because, recently, you have been told that you will be incarnating soon. You had already chosen the circumstances in which you will come, even the body and all its traits. You had been waiting so long for this moment… Finally, you are going to be able to take a physical body, live all its sensations, emotions and feelings! You are crazy about eating food, feeling the transparent liquid called water touching your skin when it falls down from the sky; crazy about experiencing the effects of thoughts, of the relationships with other beings and the uncountable happenings that this planet offers.

Take another deep breath and become aware of the present moment, in which you are reading this exercise from your earthly identity. Then get in touch with a vital state in which you are fully aware of your universal, eternal and divine identity. Settle in your physical body and, from its center, contemplate all what is experienced through the senses. As awakened soul you not only feel an incredible joy, but you also observe everything with curiosity, love and compassion. You don´t judge negatively, neither reject, you just embrace all experiences because you know well that nothing nor anyone can harm you. You are aware of your capacity to transform and understand all that manifests in the screen of your outer experience. I dare to say that everything seems groovy and cool to you. You walk with a light step and your heart is always open. Even what we call suffering can not harm you because your body is capable of regenerating itself making a natural and spontaneous recovery from any imbalances. Everything is well, cared for and happening according to divine order.

You open the eyes and feel at peace, have recovered your inner strength, with absolute trust and fascination come back to your outer life.  


Yoga invites us to contemplate reality this way, among other reasons, it is the path towards new vital states, personal and collectively. It is also quite more joyful, fun and real.

This December, may we cultivate the attitude of vismaya, looking at everything with this great amazement full of bliss.




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Muchas gracias Zaira, necesitamos recordar la profundidad, la fuerza y la serenidad que nos aporta la vida, vivida con conciencia. Hari Om


¡Claro que sí! Es fácil olvidarse... ¿verdad?



Muchas gracias Zaira como siempre un placer leerte, siempre llegas a mi en el momento preciso , un abrazo.


¡Un placer Marlid! Abrazos a todos en Mexico. 


Belén :

Qué flipe !! Lo explicas tan sencillo y asequible que ya lo siento Me llama la combinación curiosidad, amor y compasión Abrazo grande


jiji ¡Sí, flipemos!! pues a contemplarlo todo con esas cualidades, que ya brillan a tope en tu bonito corazón. Un abrazote! 


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