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One of Ayurveda's and Yoga's goals is to make life more pleasurable in all senses, as a consequence, intimate relationships are given a place of honor. To the point that there is a branch in Ayurveda dedicated exclusively to the preparation and prescription of aphrodisiac tonics. However, the purpose is not only physical pleasure, it goes beyond.

When the human body is being formed, shukra datu, the reproductive tissue, is the last one to be shaped, beforehand it needs to gather the information from all the tissues created previously. It is the "seed" that holds life and it directly nurtures the ojas in our system.

A healthy reproductive tissue benefits us physical and mentally:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • enhances beauty and makes us live longer
  • brings vigor, enthusiasm and love for life
  • balances desire and favors sexual activity
  • keeps the mind in a peaceful balance

Tomorrow, Feb. 9th is full moon, the most favorable time to enjoy intimacy with our partners. Take into consideration that ayurveda's herbalism is quite complex and sophisticated, the aim of this post is to share a few foods for love:

In general, we should encourage foods with a dominance of madhura rasa, the sweet taste (not sugary): creamy and unctuous foods, easy to the palate, appealing to our sight and full of life.

Fruit boosts desire, preserves sexual vitality and enhances overall health. Some of the recommended ones are: pomegranates, dates, apples, figs or bananas.

All green leafy vegetables and root veggies, especially sweet potatoes that rejuvenate and are packed with antioxidants.

Healthy fats (in moderation) stimulate the regeneration of sexual tissue and are essential for our hormonal balance. Ghee, coconut, avocado, pumpkin seeds, sesame and linseeds; also almonds and walnuts.

Herbs and spices like saffron, nutmeg, cardamom or cloves. Maca and cacao are a plus!

Boiled and spiced milk. If you don't eat dairy, veggie mylks from almonds or oats are the best. The last one is amazing for women because it favors all hormonal systems functions and increases fertility.

Honey is said to contain chemicals that make us more attractive and it also affects the intimate union in many positive ways.

Enjoy to the top this February's full moon, may it awaken the god and goddess of love that lies within you!

aham prema


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