I love March because it allows me to contemplate the rebirth process
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I love March because it allows me to contemplate the rebirth process. Life colors the fields again, the new astrological year starts and we celebrate the arrival of Spring. This year I would like to shed some light on the birthing process as a way to understand the emergence of a new reality.
Being born is terribly shocking. So many things happening at once, so many new and strange sensations, hormones fully flowing, the heart beating strongly, and a profound feeling that existence, as we knew it until that moment, is about to be transformed into something completely different, and there’s no way back. Something similar is happening now regarding human life: we can hold on to what we had or how we used to organize society, but the system is cracking. The new is pushing with its full power in order to emerge. In a similar way, the woman´s pelvis opens and dilates, even widening the space between bones and allowing the baby´s passing through the birth canal.
Even if our landing might be easy and short, a huge effort lies behind it. It is challenging, we push with the head, feeling the strong pressure of our mother´s body. What we call contractions shakes us in a timely manner, faster and faster until birth. At the supra-consciousness level, we know really well what is happening, without questioning if it´s good or bad, if we like it or not. We are simply aware that it is a necessary transition to enter the material reality. Something wonderful about the birth process is that, even as shocking as it might be, it is not only necessary, but it is also healthy and beneficial. Just as an example, the waves of huge pressure massage and stimulate the subtle body, awakening the major energy centers and the channels of light where energy will flow once we are out. Sadly, as a society we have become detached from the natural ways of birthing, we stop trusting the innate wisdom within our bodies and have stripped ourselves from the mother´s embrace.
Another important component unknown by most is that the events happening immediately before and after the birth create openings or closures in the subtle body of the newborn being and therefore it is quite important that the minimum medical intervention is applied, and that the conditions surrounding mother and child are the most simple, harmonious and as close to nature as possible. The body-mind is wise, much more than what we think it is, and the best thing we can do is embody it fully and trust the process. At this moment, everything is very strange, few things make sense, but life goes on, evolution goes on and there is a higher intelligence who orchestrates the events.
I feel soothed when I contemplate how we don´t go through this alone, since our mothers are coparticipants of the birth, and we can trust them openly because they are life givers and the channel through which we come to the world. After birth we develop the false idea of being separated from them. Yes, it is true that the body is not within her cozy womb any longer and that in the outer world the skin seems to isolate ourselves from others, but at the energetic level we are interconnected. Being born might be scary, arriving at a place where everything is radically different, unknown, now more than ever since life on Earth is evolving towards something that we have never experienced before, something completely new. We must meet the challenge courageously, and we’ll find that courage within. Consider the moment of birth. If we knew what we are about to encounter, we probably wouldn’t be here. However, at some point our souls made the decision of embodying as a human in these precise circumstances.

Right now, we are recovering the divine feminine codes and becoming aware of being part of the Earth and that the cosmos womb is always holding us. These are the keys to be able to transition into the new evolutionary stage. Emergence means that wherever we are heading towards is totally different from where we come from. This coming birth is easier when we can remember that “if it is natural, it is right.” Therefore, I invite you to honor nature in our day-to-day, in our foods, activities and sharing since it is that way how the essence of humanity, the Light, Wisdom and Love that pulsate in each one of our cells, will bring the continuity of our existence in more refined, luminous and conscious planes of existence. 


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