Can the soul be toxic? 24-04-2020

Throughout this month we have been contemplating the cleanse of the body and of the mind-heart and I would like to close it talking about the soul, its possible toxicity and how to purify it. You might be asking yourself how is it that it could be weight down with impure substances if it is supposed to be the essence of our being, our spark of divinity. The Soul is eternal, pure, divine, cosmic. Nonetheless, during its infinite incarnations it has gone through very diverse experiences that, when left incomplete or when at the end of our days we don't transform consciously from earthly living, leave an entire bank of memories and programs that limit us in our current lives. Those are like a library full of archives that the soul consults constantly in order to cope with the outer world circumstances. We have functioned for such a long time in this manner that we have forgotten who we truly are: Conscious Beings enjoying a material experience on Earth. The obscurity is so deep that we interact solely from the past memories and programs that in togetherness they have supplanted the soul when it comes to who commands the present incarnated life. The great news is that we are in an evolutionary moment when a lot of high vibrational energy comes into the planet and the individuals inhabiting it. The shell that conditions us so much has cracked! We are merging more and more with our center of Light, Wisdom and Love, which is the determining step towards the most radical and absolute cleanse. How do we identify that toxicity in the soul? Simple, just by observing ourselves in our day to day. Our present is the result of what we have been gathering in the past, both the good and the bad stuff. The toxicity that I talk about today is made of all that we call recurrent thoughts and emotions, also of the personality trades that make us react negatively to life like fear, lack of love, stress, sickness and suffering. The path of yoga and many other currents of conscious spirituality offer the possibility of going through the greatest detox for the soul. They give us valuable tools for liberation once and for all and, finally, start BEING. And this is possible today, here, in this magic time of now.

aham prema

  Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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