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As citrus fruits, life on Earth is colorful, "rainbowy" and a wonderful chromatic expansion. On March 9th India will wear the colors of Holi, the festival that celebrates the beginning of Spring. Tantra-Yoga and Ayurveda don't stay behind and associate every color to a planet, a day of the week, to the different temperaments or constitutions and to each of the energetic centers. Harmonize with them and enjoy a technicolor existence!

The use of colors to reestablish our vibrational currents existed in ancient India, Persia and Greece, probably all around the planet because the lively natural environment is color itself. They influence our emotional state in different ways because the electromagnetic frequencies vary from one to the other. As an example, a person who shows a tendency to feel down, isolating himself from from others, benefits from wearing clothes in bright and happy tones. Similarly, our meditation is deeper and more beneficial when we take into consideration the color of the day. One of my teachers used to tell us that each day we should wear, eat and surround ourselves of the corresponding color. On Thursdays, picking a random day, which color is yellow, we were advised to have it in mind not only at the time to open the closet, but the fridge as well. Imagine one day in the week when you dress like a lemon, eat bananas, pineapple, peppers and corn, watch the Simpsons and sing Yellow Submarine????. I am exaggerating, but the reason why we harmonize with colors is to absorb the dominant energy of the day. On Thursdays, Jupiter rules, and yellow is the color of illumination.

Take more advantage of your week:

  • Monday is the day of the Moon and light blues, greys and pearl tones.
  • Tuesday is the day of Mars and red and oranges.
  • Wednesday is Mercury day and green hues.
  • Thursday is the day of Jupiter, yellows and ocres.
  • Friday is Venus day, pinks and whites.
  • Saturday is the day of Saturn, dark blues and blacks.
  • Sunday is the Sun day, golds are its colors.

I will talk more about this subject on the LIVE on Tuesday 10th at the Spiritual Lifestyle Group. Don't miss it!

aham prema


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