Very, very soon the awaited Solstice of the 21st will be here
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Very, very soon the awaited Solstice of the 21st will be here. It will take us through the threshold towards a new age of life on the planet. This doesn´t mean that from night to day things are going to change radically, since it is a process that will last a few years, but we are indeed going to feel a great rebirth. Would you like to know how am I preparing for the big day?

Since it falls on a Monday, we have the entire weekend to get ready.

❥ Free your calendar of commitments, also your children´s, if you are a parent. These are days for non-doing, to be in silence and surrender.

❥ Spend most of the time at home, far from noisy and contaminated environments. These will be the shortest days in the Northern hemisphere, which invites us to stay in and to go out only for walking and breathing in natural environments. If you are in the city, try to not go out shopping, if it´s possible.

❥ Cook your own food and avoid processed ingredients and stimulants. If it comes in a “box” or you have taken it out of a freezer, don´t eat it this weekend. It doesn´t mean that you should be cleansing, on the contrary, I recommend that you prepare special meals full of celebratory dishes. Choose rich recipes, nice to the palate, full of colour and flavours. After all, it is party time!

❥ Accept and respect all that your body-mind-heart feels. If there is tiredness, rest; if sleepiness, sleep; if there are heavy emotions or thoughts moving through you, breath and allow yourself to feel them. Try to not change nor force things, all is right. May what needs to be liberated, be freed.

❥ Practice yoga asana without imposing the routine on your body, rather do the opposite. When you unroll the mat, sit or lie down for a few minutes and wait for the inner signals to tell you what to do.

❥ During these days, imagine an ideal world in which the vibratory frequency is really high and visualize your life within it. You can write down in your diary what comes up. It might be that the messages don´t come as images, but as sensations or feelings. If you are not sure what I am talking about, consider that all that is loving, luminous, happy, joyful and harmonious IS the ideal world in spiritual terms.

On Monday, you will have to go through a normal day taking care of your usual responsibilities. Stay centered in maintaining an enthusiastic heart, as when you go to work the last day before vacation or before going on a trip that you have been wanting to do for a while. That night, when you go to sleep, imagine yourself going through a wonderful gateway of Light into a new world.

For a blissful transition!

aham prema

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Muchísimas gracias por las instrucciones tan útiles en estos tiempos de confusión. Ojalá se sienta el gran alivio una vez atravesado el portal luminoso . Bendiciones


Sí!! la presión se aliviará, ya verás. Aún quedan tiempos complejos y convulsos, pero la luz del corazón brillará mucho más fuerte y será más fácil llevarlo todo. 

Un abrazo inmenso y acuariano! 

Su Dodd:

Thank you Zaira. An online ritual would be amazing ???? Happy Solstice ????



Thank you so much for the suggestion! I was a little selfish and kept that special day for myself... Had you in mind and sent lots of love and Aquarian vibes to you, dear one. 



Muchas gracias Zaira. Un abrazo muy fuerte


Un abrazo grandísimo y acuariano pra ti. 

Mar Félix Fando:

Maravillosos consejos, Zaira Los seguiré, Gracias


¡Gracias a ti!! Admiro mucho tu camino porque tienes la perseverancia de probar, de comentarme cómo progresas, qué te funciona y qué necesita mejoras. Sigues adelante con entusiasmo y un corazón increíblemente abierto, eres una gran yogini, Mar! 

Un abrazo grandísimo y acuariano!


New we come! Prepared and full of light!!! Thanks for your guidance along the way, Zaira. You're always a shining light. ????????


Thank you, dearest Linda!!! Yes!! we are so fortunate to be able to shine in togetherness!!! Beings like you are a gift to the Universe! 

Receive an inmense Aquarian hug XO

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