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April is my special month to cleanse deeply. Each year I undergo a purification process that renews me inside out in different levels. It is normal and correct to think that something like this is done as a way of caring for the body, but in truth, it is a renewal of the physical, for the mind-heart and it is also a liberation for the soul.

It happens that when you detox, you take off toxic kilos from your soul because everything that you do in the material plane has a reflection in the other aspects of your Self. It is so liberating to say farewell to layers and layers of your past! Even though for several hundreds of years we have emphasized the separation between matter and spirit, between body and mind & Consciousness, yogic and modern science theories are more interesting. Both disciplines show once and again that Self is found in matter and that mind is within the body. Therefore, what we do with our sacred vehicle is more important than what we think. Doing things in Consciousness brings forth great transformations with repercussions that go beyond one's individual life. The cleanse this year will help to cleanse and let go all that has been going on during the last weeks and it will propel us all towards the new evolutionary stage. Now that you know that cyclical purifications are fundamental and indispensable, you will like to know that there are various types of toxins that we commonly accumulate without realizing it:

Residues from foods that have been partially digested and that accumulate in the walls of the digestive and circulatory systems and in all channels of circulation.

Pathogens, which are the viruses and bacterias that live in our bodies as well as the toxic substances that they excrete and that are very harmful for the vital organs.

Toxins from the environment. We have many in this environment: heavy metals like mercury, aluminum or lead; plastics; the unnatural ingredients that are added to the foods that we eat; or electromagnetic toxins from electric devices. There are many more.

Emotional toxicity, which adds up to a 90% of all the toxins in our system and that have a devastating effect on the way we relate with our lives and with the world. These toxins are responsible of causing serious diseases and other horrors of our days. They also keep us anchored in the past, stopping us from moving forward.

Let's do it! Let's clear the world from our past and emerge bright and transparent!

aham prema


Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash

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