Easy detox for the skin 08-05-2015

images As part of the good weather tune-up, today's post offers you a simple and super accessible technique to have the most luminous skin of the beach this Summer. The sun shines powerfully and I feel like getting pretty, take off some layers of clothes and free myself of the coverings of skin that have accumulated during the colder months.

Dry brushing is part of Ayurveda's daily purification routines and it has lots of awesome benefits:

  • gets rid of dead cells, letting your skin breathe
  • Reduces cellulite and reaffirms the tissues
  • Improves circulation and elimination of toxins
  • Makes you feel energetically clean and renewed

How to?

Do it every morning before your shower. Use a natural bristle brush or a loofah glove. The skin should be dry for the brushing and after using it you only need to shake it a bit. Wash it once a week and let it dry under the sun's direct light.

Stand naked inside the tub and brush in long sweeping movements. (not circular motions like in the auto-abhyanga massage). Start at your feet and brush upwards towards the heart. From the hands to the heart as well. The strokes should be gentle over your breasts and treat the sensible areas with an extra dose of love. On your abdomen, move clockwise, following the direction of the colon. If your brush has a long handle, it will be easier to reach the impossible areas in your back. End with a shower and finish it with the water as cold as you can handle it. If using soap, use a gentle and organic brand.  

In just a few days you will show the smoothness and radiance of the gods! Try it, delight and tell me, ok? Your experience is important to me, leave a comment.

Om Shanti

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