Each morning the soul embraces its flesh and bone life
yoga, ayurveda, lifestyle, soul Embrace your flesh-and-bone life 30-01-2021

Each morning the soul embraces its flesh and bone life. It is so beautiful… Every sunrise we are given the opportunity to live from this level of Being. You wake up and even before opening the eyes, you breathe while feeling yourself as a spark of Light and get ready to live a new day fully, embracing all its adventures, challenges and gifts. In Ayurveda we consider this as one of the premises for good living and because of that it is a healing system based on Consciousness.

We might remember it or not, we might be aware or not, we all chose to come here and be embodied in this precise moment. It is something that we have wished for and that unfortunately we deny often. Many times in the day we wish to be in a different place, far away, and frequently with different people and doing something that has nothing to do with what we have between our hands. It is a little crazy, don´t you think? If from the soul´s perspective we chose to be where we are, why not start to love it and, therefore, to love ourselves as well instead of rejecting it all?

We might not have any issues with our current incarnation and might love to be within this small, material body-mind. In that case, the question to bring up would be related with how I can best serve this evolutionary opportunity. The answer is simple: the most important thing we can do is be oneself, but really, from the soul. It is incredible what happens when we really allow ourselves to be: the body-mind responds! And it does it repairing itself, choosing better and more wisely a suitable lifestyle, finding balance and releasing the glow typical of a radiant health. Besides, when we live from the soul and lovingly embrace incarnation, the body-mind feels appreciated, respected and valued as it corresponds. 

The transformative process that we are going through at the moment is helping me to embrace, a little bit more each day, the place and circumstances where I find myself. I too catch myself complaining or fighting mental or verbally against the managers of our planet. Then I breathe, connect with Self and remember the message that I have been receiving for quite a long time: those who are alive right now are here to facilitate the transit to a new Earth. We are needed just as we are, our dedicated practice is needed as well as the wisdom that is awakening in our cells as a consequence. Loving what is not only is more conscious, it is also intelligent and effective. Even while in the middle of an adverse circumstance, when we love it, it can start to get transformed.

Each morning, may we embrace life on Earth and within this body.

aham prema


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Jo, qué bien leerte hoy! Gracias! Te quiero????


¡Un placer, queridísima Elia!!! Un abrazo inmenso


Una reflexión maravillosa. Llena de luz , amor, sinceridad. Un chute de energía para despertarnos cada día recordando que vale la pena vivir y disfrutar.


¡Me alegro muchísimo de que lo hayas disfrutado y de que haya despertado sentimientos tan bonitos en ti, Adriana! Gracias por compartir :)

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