Emergent femininity 21-03-2020

Right now, I love to be a witness to how a new femininity is emerging, in reality is not new, it is ancient, but keep reading and discover more. It is interesting that male yogins are always running after the awakening of the feminine energy within them. They call it shakti, kundalini, supreme goddess or great mother of the Universe. These images in today's post are photos that a took at a temple in South India where there was an area replete of different representations of the feminine energy. A classical way of depicting it is as a snake, coiled and asleep at the base of the spine or undulating and awake . Yogic practices have the goal of awakening it so she can ascend elegant and sinuously until it reaches the highest energetic center at the top of the head where she melts with its complementary, Shiva or the Universal Consciousness, and together they explode as beams of light in all directions. This femininity is not only emerging strong, it also does it a the right moment since we need it to ensure the continuity of life. Traditionally women were more in touch with its rhythms, but we went through a long period of time in which we forced ourselves to bury it under the thick layers of rough conditioning (and many tears from the soul) in order to compete in a society that was made by and for men. In the weekend workshop Radiant Woman you learn how to awaken this powerful energy, how to channel it consciously and allow it to do the healing and nurturing job that it loves to do. You will recognize its presence within because you will start to feel some sensations like these ones:

You are not afraid of changes because Shakti knows that they are part of the pulsation of life, she flows with the cycles of nature, rhythmic and eternal.

Shakti is the transformer, she hold the Earth codes, therefore, she will allow you to heal and free any block in the body as well as in the mind and soul.

You will be fully intuitive, reading what is now written, sensing what can not be seen and will follow the messages from within.

Shakti is cooperation, generous love, sweetness and celebration. You will create light bonds with many beings equal to you. This spirit of cooperation is exactly what is needed to transition into the new paradigm.

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aham prema

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