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Yipee! The red-hearts month is here and I love the fact that it happens in full Winter because the cold makes us enjoy even more the warmth of hugs, squeezes, kisses and many more affectionate gestures. According to Yoga the divine is love and we can celebrate it in all its forms, romanticism, of course, is one of them.

Some people spend a lifetime chasing after the perfect person in the outside, the one who will love us unconditionally and fulfill our yearning. We get lost looking without finding, not knowing that this act itself distances more and more what we desire. It is a shame because if we all stayed centered in "feeling" what there is already in our lives, not only we would stop searching, but we would also see the endless fountain of love that we are, also that constantly we are receiving so much from many beings.

Let me share with you the most kitsch visualization of the year:

Imagine how bubbles shaped as red-hearts spring up from the center of your chest. They are so light that can almost lift your feet above the ground and they tickle you inside as Pop Rocks (do you remember the crackling candy that made popping sounds in your mouth?) Now feel the lightness, the joy, ultimately, feel how you can love everything and everyone.

All right, it might be a silly image, almost cartoon like, but I like it because love has more to do with our personal disposition than with the presence out there of a perfect and wonderful being. Radiant Woman, the weekend workshop that will take place on the 9th and 10th of May, dedicates an entire session to partner relationships. Sign up and allow the bubbles to rise!

"Feel" the love that you already are, share it generously and also stay open to receive more.

aham prema


Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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