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Tonight is the full moon and I can´t see no better way than to celebrate it with one of the oldest rituals related to it: a goddess bath. It is good for men and women and Ayurveda assigns numerous benefits to ceremonial bathing.

Bathing is vital in all cultures, not only for the obvious hygienic needs, but because above cleansing the surface of the skin, a conscious bath can purify the subtle layers of our Self. In India, as an example, bathing in the Ganges is a healing act for the soul. Today you don´t have to go anywhere far since you can create your own ceremonial bath in your own home. Full moon is the right time of the month for something like it given that its influence expands beauty, voluptuosity and sensuality.

Some Ayurvedic benefits of spiced baths:

  • relax the nervous system and calm the mind
  • improve sleep
  • enhance the five senses
  • increase vigor and sexual appetite
  • lengthen life
  • increase enthusiasm, optimism and the joy for living

*Note: the bath described below is especially indicated for the balance of Vata dosha, which is governed by space and air and tends to be cold, light, with an excess in movement, unstable and dry. If you would like to know your ayurvedic constitution and the bathing modality that best suits it, write to me.

Goddess Bath


  • 1 quart almond, rice or oat milk, preferable home made
  • 1 cup rose petals (organic, fresh or dry)
  • A few drops of rose essential oil (organic)
  • 5 tablespoons of honey, collected from the area where you live

 Make sure that you have the necessary time, at least two hours.

Take your bath before sunset, preferably.

Prepare your bathroom, it should be clean and ventilated. Light candles and diffuse some flowery essential oils, the ones you like best.

Leave your cell phone outside and, if you live with other people, kindly let them know that you will not be available for a couple of hours.

Fill up the bathtub with hot water and while if fills add the ingredients moving the water gently with your own hands or with a wooden spoon (water might be too hot). As you do that, chant or recite your favorite mantra to the divine feminine.

When it is ready, get it and give yourself the pleasure of spending some time soaking in these healing waters. Breathe gently and relax even more your body and mind. Enjoy not doing anything, float and surrender. Feel how the bath nourishes you and strengthens your natural glow.

At the time of getting out, unplug the drain and rinse your body with fresh water. If you are going to wash your hair, do it with lukewarm water and not hot. Once out, pat dry leaving some humidity over your skin and apply an ayurvedic oil for massage in a way that the oil drops and the water merge and create a protective layer over your skin.

After the bath, remain in silence for an hour if possible in your sacred space, maybe sipping a nice cup of tea.

aham prema


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