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Since the beginning of the month I have been talking about a new vibration and about significant changes, but What does that mean from the perspective of the soul?


The soul is the eternal bit of Consciousness that lives in the body-mind-heart. It has always existed and that will always exist, pulsates in the highest frequency, it´s light sparkles at the rhythm of the most beautiful song that emanates from itself. Long time ago, an incredible teacher warned us about the crazy things that we were going to witness in the world and told us that, whatever happened, it was of vital importance that we remembered the presence of Consciousness inside.  


The change that we are in is an upliftment of the cellular frequency that will allow us to listen to and to feel our soul more and more. When that happens, we stop mistaking ego for soul and karma for essence, therefore, we start living from who we truly are. Soul is light, wisdom and unconditional love and whenever we feel something different to these qualities, we can know that we are not vibrating in the authenticity of Self. Yogins remain very aware and anytime that we catch ourselves “not being” we apply the teachings of yoga and meditation to elevate the frequency of our material tissue and therefore we are able to feel more like soul in any giving situation. These true lucid moments accumulate and increase what I like to call light density. It happens similarly to the snow ball effect, it starts as a few snowflakes crowded together towards its gravitational center and, as we roll it, more flakes stick to it until it becomes a big, dense, white sphere. Human beings accumulate moments of Consciousness until there is no fluctuation between were we were and what we are, we end up vibrating only in the Soul´s frequency.

Probably this change will not happen in a generalized way for hundreds of years, maybe thousands, but if we can be more and more people centered on rising the awareness of our cells, the web of active souls around the planet will become bigger and stronger. It will support global rising and more people will be attracted towards a way of living awake.

aham prema

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