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The month of love and you & I relationships just started and one of the ways how Ayurveda measures health is through our desire to intimate with another person. If it shines strong, but without burning us, is a sign that everything goes well.

You might find noteworthy that intimacy plays an important role in Ayurveda as well as in yoga, the fact is that pleasure is one of the essential aspects of human development, called “kama” in Sanskrit, ii is mentioned in the Vedas as one of the four goals of the incarnated soul. These traditions even say that we all carry a god-goddess of desire inside of us, even though it is an ample conception of desire.

While the sexual organs are located in the lower part of the body, the abode of these gods is in the highest part of the head. There, Kameshwara, an aspect of the divine masculine principle, and Kameshwari, an aspect of the divine feminine principle, live in the eternal state of perfect union. This fusion is no less than the reunion of Param Shiva and Kundalini inside of ourselves.

It is fascinating to observe how the location of such sacred meeting within the subtle body teaches that in order to achieve that state, we must have walked through a previous path. Kundalini had to wake up and advance through the ascending and sinuous path of the central channel, piercing all the energetic centers and transforming all the seeds form the past that created the possible blockages in the personal body-mind. In this progression we can understand that intimacy guided by the desire to procreate is accessible to all because it is ruled by the activity of the first energetic center at the base of the spine; intimacy guided by the desire to fulfill emotional needs is part of the second energetic center´s activity in the middle of the pelvis; but spiritual sexuality comprehends the above and, at the same time, brings a much deeper pleasure. It requires a great deal of work in the inner awakening field that starts with recommendations as simple as the following ayurtips for the union of God-Goddess:

♥ Rest, rest and more rests. Love and pleasure are very difficult in a state of exhaustion.

♥ Follow the Ayurvedic daily harmonious routine. It includes meditation.

♥ Learn to love your body-mind and to take care of yourself.

♥ Offer your full attention to one another while you are together. Giving it all for 30 minutes is a lot more valuable than having to spend an entire day physically together but with the mind-heart somewhere else.

And above all, may we celebrate love!

aham prema


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