yoga, ayurveda, lifestyle, woman Honoring and loving our body 10-10-2020

Much is discussed about the self-image issues and low self-esteem that many people go through, even those who do yoga. At first sight, it is something that regards aesthetics, but underneath the surface lies a very interesting pattern.

It is not strange that the subject generates so much anxiety. We open the social media portals to see photos of beautiful yogins performing asanas that are unattainable for most. Many people can not relate to these manifestations of perfection and complain saying that those avenues of communication only show the nice side of life. Since I love to turn things around and take advantage of the opportunities for growth that they bring to us, we could start asking ourselves Why should we compare with this or that other person? or Who or what demand that my life and body are like theirs?

When we dig a little deeper, we see that what underlies the personal image issues is the disconnection from the Self, from the soul that we are. Our essential Self chose the body that inhabits and the vital circumstances that surround it. Not with the goal of punishing it, but to honor it and to love it because thanks to this body we can embrace the evolutionary path. Throughout incarnations we have taken many bodies, many lifetimes and the one we have now is unique, a one-time-only and the result of the sum of the entire past. Instead of looking to change it or alter it unnaturally, why don´t we start by looking at it lovingly? I can assure you that in our society most of us have had or currently have these kind of problems, but instead of fighting against who we are, we can listen to the body with respect and learn why we chose certain shape for the nose or try to understand the real reason why we are unhappy in a specific time in life. The body itself will talk to us and will give us many keys about the personal path and its awakening. Something really important that is going to teach is that we are capable of expanding even more unconditional love.

Three things help us transform the memories that gave rise to the personal image issues:

  • Contemplating the body as if we were looking with the soul´s eyes. The essential Self doesn´t judge nor compares. It wouldn´t want to live in any other body nor it would want to do yoga in any other way. It chose the one that it has now to care for it and fill it with love.
  • Remembering that the profound reason why we do yoga poses is to work energetically. The yoga´s care of external image is always secondary.
  • In this society that is overly identified with matter, broadening the perspective and reminding ourselves that we are a lot more than flesh and bones.

And starting now, may we admire and love this tiny piece of Earth that we are.

aham prema 

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Elif Peisger:

That is so true! Many people are involved with this issue. A wonderful written article!! ❤️


Yes indeed... there is a lot to heal and transform in this regard. Love and awareness are of great help. Thank you!


Gracias Zaira, interesante reflexión.


¡Un placer, Elif!


¡Gracias a ti, Natalia! Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado y lllevado a reflexionar.


Wonderful, Zaira. Thank you.


Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!!

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