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In my courses and trainings we talk a lot about the soul, the spark of Consciousness that pulsates within each being so this month that we are exploring the triumph of Light we can ask How do we know that it is really shining in our lives? Today´s post brings you the signs so you can recognize how this happens. Read them and enjoy the full moon and eclipse of the 30th allowing your Self to dazzle.

Unity – the Deep feeling of being one with all, a part of the Supreme Consciousness that religions tend to call God. This makes possible for us to contemplate the divine qualities of unconditional love everywhere, also as infinite wisdom, the capacity to create reality or the eternity of beingness. This is the deepest meaning of the word “yoga”.  

Interdependence – as we are aware that all of us together create a living organism that can be felt everywhere and simultaneously, we know well that the individual actions influence the collective and the other way around. This brings forth the development of a higher level of responsibility, more centered around the collective and the environment. We realize that in order to change things outside, the individual matter has to be transformed and by this I mean the personal body-mind, as well as all the circumstances surrounding it (family, home, work, etc). It is called “pratityasamutpada” and is one of the central concepts in Buddhism.

Autonomy – we don´t depend on what others say or think. We are autonomous and free to decide according to the dictates from within. This is possible because we exist in an indissoluble fusion with the Absolute. If in the previous Era we needed the guidance of an external teacher, as Buddha, Jesus or Mahoma were, the task to do now is the awakening of the inner guide. When many beings are directly guided by Consciousness, the collective evolves according to this. In Sanskrit, we call it “niralamba”.

Trust – the sensation that everything is correct and that all is well. There is a total absence of fear and of wanting to manipulate events because the code that life happens in harmony with its supreme intelligence is awaken within us. This brings forth marvelous synchronicities and coincidences that fill our days with magic. A person who lives with “Shraddha” expands peace and joy all around.

Timelessness – the feeling of being out of time, as if the “when” didn’t matter because we have the certainty that everything comes at the right moment. Simultaneously, this creates the sensation of always being in the correct time and place.

This week observe how the characteristics of the luminous beings are present in your life, and if they are absent, illuminate them.

aham prema

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