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As every year, the divine feminine principle is the main theme for the month of October. I love to revisit subjects in this cyclical manner because in itself, this is one of nature´s characteristics. Another one is to know how to wait, having the necessary patience to witness how things evolve.

We have adapted to living in a world that works really fast, that generates immediate results, in which we can have or acquire anything almost instantly only by clicking on a screen. Nonetheless, this doesn´t work for the practice of yoga, nor in our inner awakening. The result of the absence of patience and hurry is stress. Yes, I said stress because every time that we get frustrated when we don´t know how to wait, the body generates biochemical substances associated with this mood that acts as a silent, harmful agent causing physical, mental and emotional degeneration.

It is important to keep in mind that knowing how to wait is not resigning yourself and the difference lies in the fact that when you are patient, you trust fully that whatever you expect will come. For it to happen, we must remain centered in the result:

if we are experiencing a process of disease, visualize your body-mind in its optimum state;

if you are in the middle of an unpleasant life situation, generate high emotional states that place you energetically in the result that you wish to see manifested.

And wait.

If you are patient enough and remain centered in Self, it will happen, but at its own time since everything in nature has its own tempo, its own rhythm, even the Covid crisis. A fruit reaches its perfect moment of ripening when it has to do it, not when you say so and a baby is born when she/he is ready, not when the mother wants it, right?

Whenever you see that you are loosing your patience, missing the focus or insisting on accelerating the natural outcome of things, breathe, stop and respect. Remember that knowing how to wait is one of the most important keys for the health of your body, mind and soul.

aham prema

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