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The most important thing we can do, if we really want to live happy and healthy, is to transform the ideas we have about our body. During the last months, I have observed how we think about this wonderful vehicle for embodiment as something weak, susceptible to become ill or incapable of maintaining harmony and vitality, when it is totally the opposite.

The physical body is intelligent, it constantly repairs itself and each second shows us how it knows very well what is doing. What is difficult for it is to get sick! And nonetheless we relate with it from an attitude of fear, not knowing that every time that we dialogue with ourselves from this perspective, we lessen the body´s capacity to self-repair. With little that we give to it, it responds manifesting health, joy and beauty. And that “little” is related with our lifestyle which, in the long term, it becomes indispensable.

In your new world there are lots of habits that don´t belong anymore… Have you realized how after the confinement there were many things that you did not want to do any longer? After living in the simplest way possible, our bodies asked us to maintain certain routines because those are what best sustain health. On the other side, the need to embrace a lifestyle closer to what we really are sprouted within us. I have heard many stories about people who decided to leave the big cities and move to environments where they could exit their homes and step on dirt, smell nature and feel the sun light on their skin.

One of the habits that best helps the physical body to do its job is cleansing periodically. Cleanses or detox processes clear the toxic substances that accumulate in the channels of circulation and in the tissues giving the cells a wonderful glow. The benefits are not only felt in the body, but in the mind and in the connection with our soul as well.


You can still join the “Equinox Detox” that starts tomorrow.

7 days to find balance after the Summer.

Don’t´hesitate! Sign now.


With a great smile in the face and heart, may we allow the body to do its job.

aham prema


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