The saying goes like this: “a good beginning makes a good ending”
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The saying goes like this: “a good beginning makes a good ending”. It could not be more true when it comes to the Ayervedic daily routine since, in the spiritual lifestyle that this system postulates, the first moments of the morning determine how we are going to spend the rest of the day and how we will reach night time.

A conscious day starts even before sunrise. When you are still in bed, try to bring your attention to the breath and to the silent space within your mind. This small gesture makes possible for us to create the new day from scratch, being open to the infinite possibilities of manifestation that life has to offer. For many people this is quite challenging because at the time we hear the alarm ringing, all those things that need to be accomplished and all the reasons why we have to get up so quickly start to cross the mind´s screen. Nonetheless, when we broaden the gap between sleep and wakefulness, we open the amazing portal of the joy for living.

Ayurveda and tantra-yoga talk about these moments as the first chakra hour, precious time in which the dominant pulsation if the one at the energetic center located at the base of the central channel, according to which energy moves towards the Earth in a descending and rooting way. This is why, the first thing we should be doing is to let go of all the stuff that the body and mind have been moving towards the gates of elimination throughout the cleansing process of the night.

When you get out of bed:

❥ Cleanse your mouth, not only brushing your teeth, but also cleaning the tongue and oil pulling with organic coconut oil.

❥ Then, cleanse the nose and face with lukewarm water.

❥ Drink two large glasses of warm water with ginger and lemon and, before doing anything else, wait until your body wants to have a bowel movement. It is of key importance to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, not only for the health of the digestive system and the physical body in general, but also for the health of the subtle body.

❥ Next, you may perform an abhyanga self-massage and take a shower. I will write more about the auto-abhy in future posts.

❥ It is now that you are ready to sit in meditation. If you fancy a gentle yoga routine before meditating, it will make your inner practice even deeper.

❥ After that, you will be full of drive to dive into the common life chores. Re-unite with your family, have breakfast, go to work and love your life.


Creating “time” for the morning ritual might seem impossible, but believe me if I tell you that it is the best act of prevention for the health of your body, mind and spirit.

If you have any questions about how to establish your Ayurveda´s daily routine, write to me, I am here to support you :) .

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No tengo ninguna pregunta, solo quiero decir gracias. Gracias por tus inspiraciones. Gracias a tí entendí que el yoga es más que moverse en la esterilla, aunque no sabía que es "el más" en aquel momento. Fue hace 10 años y hasta el día de hoy hablo orgullosamente de tí cuando me preguntan de mir camino de yoga. Con gratitud y con todo mi amor te mando un abrazo enorme desde Austria, Jeanette


¡Jeanette preciosa!! Muchísimas gracias por tu cariñoso mensaje, me ha hecho muchísima ilusión. A mí también me llena de orgullo conocerte, eres una yogini increíble y seguro que muchas personas en Austria reciben la belleza y bondad que transmites. 

Seguro que estás bien, fuerte y sana. Te mando un abrazo sincero desde Palma y espero que algún día podamos encontrarnos de nuevo. Siempre estás en mis oraciones, 


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