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And no matter how long we live in the shadows, Light shines triumphantly. November is the month of Diwali, the lights festival that glorifies the abundance and benevolence of life on Earth. These qualities are embodied by goddess Lakshmi and like her, Light´s natural tendency is to expand and radiate outwardly. It has the capacity of sneaking though the tiniest cracks making it possible for even the smaller beams of brightness to fill a dark place with hope.

Yogins have always been attracted by the concept of light and it is one of its most relevant components since the first yogic texts. The word jyoti means light, sunlight, fire light, and the light of natural elements such as lightning bolts, but it also refers to the luminosity of existence, to the light of awareness, of understanding, of life and awakening.

Meditations centered around the concept of Light are a great guidance and an inspiration in the shadowy and dark times. This month, we can remember that light is always triumphant and we can meditate with this kind of theme. Bathing in it, going outside and allowing the sun beams caress our body-mind-soul are reminders that we can practice through the day.

In the material plane, even though we don´t see the light, it is what makes it possible for us to see: when we are in a room that is completely darkened, we are unable to perceive anything beyond our eyes and it is not until a bit of light comes in through a small crack that we can start perceiving the environment. On the other hand, we don’t see the light, but we do see its colorful reflection because what we consider objects is but a dance of colorful lights that give rise to the rich spectrum of volumes and forms.

It is the element of the sixth energetic center and at this level, it presents itself as the White Light that contains all chromatic possibilities. In the sixth center, it allows us to experience inner vision, to develop intuition and to awaken the unified awareness of Self. Here, we stop identifying only with the personality or ego, and we have a direct vision of our soul essence.

Lightingh the light that shines from within is the essence of the yogic path. Illuminate!

aham prema

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¡Qué bonito, resueno totalmente con el concepto de luz, con la idea de que yo soy luz (tanto si la veo como si no) y que los otros también son luz (tanto si la veo como si no). Creo que esa luz de nuestro ser siempre está ahí, incluso en los momentos en que lo vemos todo oscuro, conectar con ella es, quizás, un objetivo suficiente de vida. Una pregunta Zaira: ¿cuál es el sexto centro energético?


Gracias!! Me alegro mucho de que te gustara el post :) 

El sexto centro energético es el que se llama Ajna, el del tercer ojo, que se encuentra en el centro de la cabeza, detrás del entrecejo. Tenemos muchos lugares en el cuerpo con vórtices potentes de energía, pero en tantra yoga consideramos que hay 7 mayores situados a lo largo del canal central, otros menores, también en el canal central y muchos más pequeños por todo el cuerpo. 

Gracias por la pregunta! 

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