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People whose divine feminine energy is developed have quite a powerful sixth sense that guides them even in the simplest daily tasks. We tend to think that intuition comes out of the blue in specific moments or, if we are lucky, falling from the sky to save us in difficult times, but it is really present all day long and the people who develop it are not only happier, but they really function better in the world because they are really doing it from the level of their soul.

Lately, my attention has been drawn to the fact that in certain circles we are starting to see the concept of “intuitive eating”. What those who recommend it mean is that more than counting nutrients or following dietary trends, we should listen to our body and feel what it needs at any given moment. It is an idea that I love and that we should apply to the hundreds of decisions that we take in the course of one day. Should I wear this or that? Do I make this phone call now or later? Yes or no to meeting this person? A coffee or a few minutes of deep breathing?

The problem is that most can´t truly feel what the body-mind-heart needs. An entire life we have been eating, doing and thinking what has been imposed to us and we have generated a terrible deafness towards the dictates from the inside. Two simple examples of how we don´t know how to listen to ourselves: you eat a huge white bread sandwich because you “feel it”. Many times you don´t feel it from Self, but from one of the many characters or psychological patterns that rule the mind. Or you go out running after work one day that you arrive home totally exhausted and on top of that you have your period, when what the body is asking for is a relaxation and a warm tea while cuddling in the sofa.

The previous step to living intuitively is cleansing the external and inner senses and, therefore, clearing the mind and the ego´s commands. In order to do that, we follow a spiritual lifestyle, do yoga, meditate, study and surrender fully to our sadhana. Then we can say that we are really living.

aham prema

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