yoga, meditation, lifestyle Meditation in the auspicious night (mantra included) 15-02-2020

The previous night to the New Moon is a very favorable time for all Light workers and the one of Feb. 21st will be the most special of the year because we celebrate Maha Shivaratri, the great night to Shiva. The planets and the Earth's forces align pushing us up towards our spiritual ascension. Join the most powerful nigh meditation of the year!

Shiva is the Auspicious one, the Benevolent and merciful, he is the origin of Yoga and the presence that helps us dissolve what weights us down and stops our evolution. When during this nigh we ride the energetic currents, meditate and chant to the divine, freedom of Self happens. It is traditional to fast during the day and meditate during the whole night, offering rituals to Shiva, who will help us in the transformation of our mind-heart. I will not ask you to stay awake until sunrise, but I do invite you to meditate with even greater awareness. Eat a light dinner and wait a couple of hours before you sit with your spine in a vertical position. For a few minutes remain silent, you can even keep your eyes open contemplating the darkness, allow your mind to calm down and your body to become serene. Then start chanting the mantra "Shiva Shambo", you can listen to it here:

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Shiva Shambo is the sweetest and most beautiful, god of the supreme dissolution. Chanting this mantra transmutes all that is not our essential Self so the authenticity of our soul can emerge to the surface. It is not a mantra for creation or manifestation of material things, on the contrary: is a mantra that returns back to the infinity of the Cosmos what we have created unconsciously because only then we can really Be. Watch out! Shiva is always vigilant, waiting for the moment when our ego lowers its guard so His energy can open a crack on the ego's hard shell and can start its dissolution. When this mantra is chanted, all ideas that you have about yourself and your life dissolve, then big changes take place in and out. It might make you a bit dizzy, just remember that the Auspicious One holds us lovingly through the process.

aham prema

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