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At the gates of the Equinox, that special day when day and night live in perfect harmony, let me tell you about one of the most valuable tools that the practice of yoga gives us. It is not a posture, but the work with sound, that is with mantra.

In its literal meaning it means “instrument for the mind” because the yoga of mantras has the capacity of revealing the desired inner silence and the peace. It transforms individuality allowing our personal mind to dissolve into the universal mind. Between one self and the cosmos there in no separation, only a wrong perception of reality that can be shifted with the help of yogic tools.

This kind of practice is universal, it also exists in our culture: it still resonates in churches the echo of the people that sat on their benches when mass was not taking place and did the rosary hardly pronouncing its words, just creating a rhythmic lullaby that could take you into a delicious trance, at least that is what happened to me when I was a child. You can surely picture a group of Buddhist monks chanting Aum and generating a vibrational space capable of taking us into inner silence. Or the elders of an indigenous tribe reciting their sacred formulas to connect with the forces of Nature. For thousands of years, humans have taken advantage of sound to awaken more subtle states of awareness in the body-mind-heart and, in this sense, the practice of Mantra Yoga is considered by many as the most refined yoga.

However, repeating a mantra is not like reciting a prayer and you don´t need to know the meaning of what your lips are pronouncing. Its power resides in the primordial sounds and in the vibration that emanates from them. It is also true that it is important to learn how to practice this yoga because not everything is a mantra and not everything is ok. We are talking about a precise method whose consequences are:

  • the perfect balance in the relationship individual self – universal self;
  • the flow of peace from the inside (the 21st it is also the international day of Peace)
  • the dissolution of what we are not;
  • or the capacity of co-creating a reality in harmony with the Loving Consciousness that we are.

May we consciously chant and evolve!

aham prema

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