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Hmmm… the other day I asked this question to myself: If I had to choose between eating organic foods or following a vegan diet, what would I go for?

I confronted myself with two criteria in healthy nutrition that might seem apparently excluding, but that are not different in their essence:

  • On one side, an 100% organic nutrition, that can include foods coming from animals.
  • On the other side, a 100% vegan nutrition, that can include not organic foods.

The truth is that the question in itself seems very much like a “developed world kind of question. The question of a person living in an environment with privileges that allow to choose carefully what she/he eats, a luxury that most people in the planet can not enjoy. Since it popped-up in my mind, I decided to answer it and since it wasn´t very clear to me what to choose, I opted to go into the kitchen and see what I had there. When I opened the fridge and pantry I realized that there were hardly any animal foods, only two small glass jars of organic tuna in olive oil that we brought from our Summer vacation because there is something about eating the foods from your roots from time to time; and I observed that most foods were organic, but not all. I was happy.

The thing is that I came to the conclusion that both labels share an essential characteristic: the yogic concept of “ahimsa”, which is the desire to hold and care for existence. Probably, the label used to describe our choice is less important than the deep intention behind it. The organic nutrition is based on sustainable practices that respect the environment, the origins of each product and ingredient and it cares the people involved in the chain of actions that make it possible for those foods to make it to our homes. The vegan nutrition focuses on honoring all forms of animal life in the planet and therefore it protects the environment effectively.

Ahimsa means that our diet is free from violence and full of peace and harmony. In that sense, a nutritional system that has the intention to hold and care for all forms of life is in itself an act of love towards our body, the bodies of those we feed and the body of the Earth.

May our kitchens overflow with compassionate love,

aham prema

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