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I am sure that you know the word "chakras" and you might be familiar with the idea of them as energy centers in the human body. What might be more of a novelty is that many yogins thought about them as flowers because the essence of their opening and activation arises when they are watered by the currents of the primordial feminine energy. This is why growing at a personal level means blooming in all of these spinning flowers of energy. Tantra-Yoga describes seven major chakras and we know that we are in a state of booming Spring when our life reflects the following symptoms:

Connection with the Earth and its rhythms; material security: a comforting home, easiness dealing with the energy of money, having our needs met; the sensation of being within our body. Chakra 1

Creativity in all its aspects; sensation of flowing with life and co-creating with it; nourishing personal relationships that are full of sensuality and sensitivity; well developed emotional intelligence. Chakra 2

Balanced sense of personal power; feeling connected with the deepest intentions and with the desires of the soul: being capable of transferring our most elevated intentions into the world. Chakra 3

Limitless compassion and unrestricted love; feeling of love towards everything and every one (truly unconditional); altruistic feelings and wish to serve. Chakra 4

The capacity of expressing ourselves from the essential Self; showing ourselves just as we are and sharing our truth; musical feeling; easiness to put feelings into words. Chakra 5

Deep union with the subtle Higher Self; intuition, capacity to see what is not on the material plane; inner listening. Chakra 6

Simply "being"; feeling of being one with the cosmos, infinite and limitless; experience of being in the supra-consciousness, beyond the material body and the mind-heart; having access to the pure potential of Self. Chakra 7

Contemplating it altogether, this wonderful bouquet of energetic flowers allows us to experience the fullness and beauty of life in its full splendor. When kundalini shakti, the feminine energy that showers them, flows freely, the most delightful sensations that you can imagine permeate your body, mind and soul. May we open in full bloom!

aham prema

    Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

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Muy original la comparación de charcas con las flores. Se hace mucho más agradable imaginarlas con sus pétalos que se vayan abriendo emanando la energía sin esfuerzo . Namaste


Es bonito, ¿verdad? A mí también me encanta pensar el los chakras como flores... tan poético <3 Gracias por tu lindo comentario, Adriana, tú sí que eres una flor esplendorosa!

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