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March is quite an interesting month. There are several important celebrations like International Women´s Day, Maha Shivaratri and the Spring Equinox, but above all, Nature rebirths after the Winter.

In this now that we are experiencing, I have the feeling of travelling through a really long Winter that started a year ago. For the last few weeks I have had the sensation of being inside a dark tunnel in which we have been patiently walking for quite a time with the promise that there is always light at the end. I don´t know I you have been in New York City, but one of the accesses to Manhattan is a tunnel excavated under the Hudson river and the first time I drove through it, I felt claustrophobia big time. It is not even that long, but I never liked being underground and I always tried to avoid the subway.

All rebirth or transformational process requires a phase in which we don´t see the way or, in oter cases, a stage that might result in an apparent chaos. This is also necessary for the development of things. It is easy to be overwhelmed when the end is nowhere in sight, to get lost in despair is a common human tendency. However, when we find ourselves in a situation like this and we develop the capacity to distance ourselves and watch from afar, from a point of view where we can find a broader perspective, it is then that we start to see the beginning and the end of affairs, as well as the different stages of the cycles that follow each other in the great scale of all circumstances in our lives. When this happens, we relax and soften.

2021 is a year for the emergence of the divine feminine, a year to get even closer to the new order in which the peaceful balance of the cycles of transformation will be restored. This is why, for the month of March I urge all of us to discover how life´s cyclical nature happens not only in the biological processes that regenerate the tiniest cells, but also to do it at great scale. May we keep alive our courageous pioneer spirit, full of hope and perseverance, because we will make it to the other side. We only have to trust, visualize ourselves there in body & soul and surrender fully.

aham prema

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Belén :

Maravilloso Tus palabras son siempre una gran compañía Gracias Zaira


Un placer inmenso, Belén! No hay mejor regalo para una profe que saber que su trabajo sirve y apoya a personas tan bonitas como tú. Un abrazo de corazón

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