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You have probably heard that your body regenerates periodically, but if I tell you that the cells of your intestinal walls are new every few days or that your red blood cells are reborn every four months, I am sure that you will be quite impressed and the message will get through to you. The supreme intelligence of the body-mind is incredible, it does so much for us that it might be time that we start to give something back, Don’t you think? One of the ways to do so is following the ayurvedic recommendations for cellular regeneration.

One of the causes of degeneration and disease is a prolongued systemic inflammation, but the good news is that it is easy to reduce if we improve our lifestyle and diet.

In your lifestyle

➵ Start thinking positively and send message of gratitude and admiration to your cells. 

➵ Live according to Nature´s schedule: wake up and go to bed with the Sun, live fully during the day and rest at night.

➵ Establish a yoga & meditation daily routine.

➵ Go for walks or hikes in natural environments and breathe among the plants.

➵ Respect meal times and for twelve hours at night do not eat anything.

➵ Do a cleanse periodically as the Yogic Cleanse 2021 that I will be guiding in a few weeks.  

In your diet

➵ Drink wáter abundantly, room temperature and from the purest sources posible.

➵ Each day, eat the rainbow. The colors in foods inform about the nutrients that they carry, in a way that when you eat all the colors, you are making sure that your cells are receiving the ample fan of substances that they need to regenerate correctly.

➵ Increase significantly the amount of veggies and fruits that you eat. They are full of antioxidants, alkaline qualities and prana (vital force).

➵ Preferably eat what is in season and local. Eating the foods grown where you live, the soil´s wisdom charges them with what is needed in particular.

➵ Reduce as much as possible animal foods, precooked and non-natural ingredients. And don´t forget cutting down on stimulants as coffee, alcohol or drugs.


Follow these recommendations for 21 days and please let me know how you feel.

aham prema


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