yoga, meditation, lifestyle, soul Release your desires as butterflies to the sky 22-02-2020

I can not let the month go by without writing about desires, don't you agree? Desire, romanticism and universal love go hand in hand. Let's review what we really want, what tickles us inside, because that is what starts up the engine of existence. In tantra-yoga philosophy desires are not repressed nor considered bad, on the contrary, they are agitations in our vibratory field that guide our energy towards the attainment of that which is the object of what we desire.

The concept of the law of attraction is much older than what people think since yogins already talked about it and Jesus even said "ask and it will be given". If many people are still running behind dreams that they never achieve it is because they haven't understood one of the most important universal concepts:

"Release your desires and intentions & allow the universe to work out the details"

I just remembered a family anecdote related to this. When my daughter was 12 she went through a phase when she said that her biggest dream was to be 16 and go to Ibiza with her best friends without the mothers... Well, last Summer, a month before her sixteenth birthday, the dream came true: bffs + Ibiza in the Summer without moms (with the grandmother of one of them). When we reflected on it before the trip, my adolescent's eyes opened up like saucers and a big smile manifested in her face. Everything makes its way to us! Life is magical and wonderful if we live it from Self. Yoga teaches that this power of manifestation works in an orderly manner:

1st, discover who you authentically are

2nd, ask yourself what is that your soul desires for this lifetime

3rd, contemplate how your desires fit in with the common good

4th, allow it to happen

In potentiality, we can have and do whatever we want, but it is important that this universal law is activated according to the sequence presented before. Each one of the steps opens an entire field of exploration and I will speak more about it in the LIVE of next Tuesday 25th.

aham prema


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Ay me flipa este artículo!!! lo leo y lo releo!


Bonita! qué alegría que te haya inspirado! a volar con las mariposas! Un abrazo inmenso, Zaira

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