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March ends on a high note since tomorrow is Holi, the Indian festival of color and fullness of existence that is always celebrated on a full moon. Each time that we have a holiday like this, I think about how we all have the capacity to choose to celebrate life.

Something very interesting happens when you walk this path. You leave behind certain things to choose new ones. At times, people that don´t practice yoga or follow a spiritual lifestyle look at us from the outside thinking “man, it is impossible for me to live that way because if I have to stop eating steak, drinking that glass of wine, going out at night or watching tv, I know I will not do it. I can´t renounce so many things!” What they don´t know is that it is not a renunciation but a choice that doesn’t happen rationally, it is an organic evolution. It might be that at the beginning there are indeed certain things that you say “no” to as something self-imposed, as an example, many people decide to follow a vegetarian diet because their partner is eating this way and he/she is quite insistent saying that he will not go back to that grill house where they used to eat on Sundays, but the best changes are the ones that emerge from a deep transformation, your body-mind stops asking for things that were indispensable before.

Personally, despite that many might think that my life is super strict and perfect, many years ago I quit renouncing to this or that. I always try to do what feels right, what makes my cells dance, because when I don´t follow that inner criteria, my cells react through emotional or physical unease or, in the worst scenario, through disease.

Renouncement is not such when life is based on a sincere choice of what harmonizes with who you are in this given moment, allowing the renewal and the evolution towards a fuller life. The path of ayurveda and yoga promises not only a rebirth, but many, since it gives us the opportunity of transforming, improving and optimizing our presence in the body. We could say that the body-mind rebirths in order to welcome more and more density of Self´s presence. Therefore, what it needs right now has nothing to do with what it needed a decade ago, not even a month ago. When we remain aware of the state of being in the now, we can choose wisely and according to who we are in the present. It is wonderful, then the colorful fun with possibilities to celebrate displays fully!

aham prema 


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