One of my favorite tv shows growing up was Sandokan
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One of my favorite tv shows growing up was Sandokan. I was fascinated by it, partly because he was called the Malasyan Tiger, on top of his penetrating gaze and the exotic, Indian looks that situated me outside of any conventional society. He was quite a courageous and dauntless character, both much needed qualities in these times when everything needs to fall apart in order to bloom again. That phrase, “everything needs to fall apart”, is sometimes scary, but we do have the inner strength to go through it, now more than before, since the coming new moon starts the year of the Water Tiger in Chinese astrology. I don´t tend to mix traditions, but the tiger is relevant in India as well and I love the idea that it is the totemic animal for 2022. Would you like to know about the wonders that it brings? 

The first one comes because he is prince of the jungle, majestic, observant and stealthy. The tiger gets moving when it is necessary, it is the master of his own energy and in a split second it can go from a state of deep rest to taking a gigantic leap and catch its prey, doing it with the elegant moves that manifest his incredible power. It never doubts its own capacities and lives in a state of full presence. Its mind doesn’t wander off like ours does and doesn’t get distracted by recurrent and absurd thoughts or emotions. Moreover, it is carrier of virya, the inner strength and courage, therefore this year we have an extra helping of all that so we can go for any goal that we set, knowing that the tiger will carry us with the potency of the Being of Light that we are.

The second one refers to its capacity of knowing how to choose its targets and wait patiently for the perfect moment to pounce. As all animals do, the tiger never hunts as a hobby, only doing it when necessary and the act itself is motivated by what its body requires. It might be a good moment to re-evaluate and ask ourselves how we feel and what our life needs right now so we can delineate the path to follow. During the year, we are going to feel the friction between the old and the new, between where we are and the reality we want to walk towards, but that reality will manifest as we enliven it inside first and, in order for that to happen, it is essential that we meditate, question many things and dialogue with ourselves. Knowing how to mature inside allows us to open in the perfect moment and it prevents us from worrying or getting distressed unnecessarily.

Also, it is a solitary animal and the inner path can only be experienced in the company of oneself. This doesn´t mean that we can´t immensely enjoy the company of others, nor it says that we should isolate ourselves from the world, as the strength coming from living in community with like-minded people is one of our greatest supports now. However, we can do it together while not scrambled, that is, each one of us doing his/her own inner work, transforming our karmas and limiting memories, awakening to the divine nature we are part of and giving the best of who we are in order to contribute to the evolution of the whole.

Observing the tiger´s movements when in its natural environment is an amazing show, therefore, the fourth quality I am highlighting is the silent slowness of its steps and how he has the capacity of not creating any agitation around him. This awakens within me the idea that humans have become these disruptive and noisy beings, how wherever we go, we disturb our surroundings, barging in with a terrible lack of sensitivity and not really fitting in. Nothing like the tiger to move without being heard or seen, blending with what is around it and in total harmony with the setting. It is one of the qualities that I like to cultivate myself and in my classes since I believe that it would bring more balance among all the parts that create the fabric of existence and, of course, greater peace within our hearts.

Last, I would like to highlight that we are dealing with a water tiger and this, being the element of the feminine, encourages us to always flow, to allow ourselves to be taken by the current of Grace that life is, remaining centered in the inner power of our silent peace and with the majesty of the presence of Consciousness. In the flow, we purify, starting with our emotions, which are running high these days. Fear is paralyzing us more than any other, both at the personal and collective levels. Now that I am approaching the end of the post, I realize that Durga, the Divine Mother, always appears riding Gdon, her tiger, and she embodies the strength of the feminine within us, which can smooth and polish even the hardest rocks and the pointier edges. May we ride this amazing water tiger and may it awaken the full brilliance of our Being, supporting us in the creation of the colorful, harmonious, bright and love-filled world that already exists within our heart.

Aham Prema - We are Love

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