I know that sometimes I tend towards exaggeration, I just simply get passionate about life, but believe me if I tell to that I have news about something very, very important
yoga, ayurveda, inspiration Something very, very special is happening 05-12-2020

I know that sometimes I tend towards exaggeration, I just simply get passionate about life, but believe me if I tell to that I have news about something very, very important.

At the end of last year I started sharing small drops of information about the planetary convulsion that 2020 was going to bring. One of the things that I said was that this crazy process that we are navigating would have its closure on December 21st. The real massive stuff is that these weeks astrological events not only end the year, but close an astrological cycle that started with the creation of the birth of our Western civilization five thousand years ago, as well as closing another cycle that started two hundred years ago. It might help us to understand if we know that the current catharsis started in 2008 and not just months ago. Remember the economic crisis happening that year?

We are going through a threshold towards a new social and planetary order. WOW!

The Great Conjuction of planets taking place on December 21st coincides with the Winter solstice, day when we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the beginning of the new astrological year. To this, we should add the full solar eclipse on the 14th because eclipses always open a new energetic portal.

  • In simple and concrete words…

New portals allow high frecuency energies to be channeled towards the Earth and through our body-mind.

The Winter solstice is always a wonderful return to the Light.

The Great Conjuction will align Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at zero degrees and because of it, we can say that we enter into the new Aquarian Era, although it will still take some time (and craziness) until we are settle in it.

  • Some characteristics of the new order in the Aquarian Era are:

❥ life will be organized around the community,

❥ the collective will thrive more than the individual,

❥ we will feel that we are of the Earth,

❥ cooperation will be more important than competition,

❥ there will be an emphasis on the virtual and the technological, many professional and personal experiences will be created online,

❥ the relationship among the stars will be more favorable and light during 2021, but the transformative process will not end until 2024... but the coming years will be easier.


Important weeks are coming and I invite you to prepare ourselves to elevate and expand our vibratory frequencies. We are al participants in this transformation and our actions, speech and thoughts assist the Earth in this process of change. I will write more about this next week.

Here we come, New Age!

aham prema

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Buah! Llevo una semanas leyendo mucho sobre todo lo que está sucediendo ahí arriba y curiosamente nunca antes me había intereSado tanto. Me fascina realmente que todo lo que leo (igual que este post) me esté resonando tanto en mi propio cuerpo-mente-corazón. Haha también me has contagiado tu excitación y entusiasmo por la vida! Ya de perdidos al rio que venga lo que tenga que venir!! ????????????????????✨✨✨✨✨????????????????


Claro que sí, Elia querida!!! Como la gran aventurera que eres, siempre con la mirada al frente, fascinada por lo que nos aguarda al otro lado de la tormenta. ¡Son cosas muy bellas!! (Toda una alegría compartir carreta contigo, jijiji)

Oscar :

Me dejas con la boca abierta... me fascina!


Sí!!! con el corazón bien abierto y las alas desplegadas, siempre hacia adelante!! 


Belén :

Gracias!!!! Muy feliz día


Un placer enorme!! Igualmente!!

susanne nielsen:

Thank you Zaira for these beautiful insights...helping us all to make sense in these times, and keeping positive, moving forward. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new 2021. Much love Susanne


Hello dear Susanne, 

Thank you so much for the beautiful wishes!!! It is my pleasure to be able to share droplets of light with the loving community that surrounds me. Thank you also for being appreciative of it, you are such a bright soul. Yes!! Let´s keep the spirits high, positive and focused on our colorful future.

Happy Holidays to you and your tribe as well! 


Katja Schumacher:

Vamos todos juntos, en tribu. Un abrazo lleno de amor Katja


¡Claro que sí!! Una gran tribu de pioneros espirituales con grandes corazones aventureros!

Mar Félix Fando:

Esperanzador, Zaira muchas gracias por compartirlo. Que así sea.


Claro que sí!! Antes hay que atravesar varias tormentas, pero luego se abre siempre el arcoiris. 


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