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Not all detox processes are the same and there is so much information floating around that it can be quite confusing. Today I tell you in a simple way what is an Ayurvedic cleanse and what is the essential difference that makes it superior to others. The one I practice and share with clients and students includes many of its components, it only leaves out some of the procedures that should be done in a specialize clinic.

Ayurveda is a system of prevention and healing based in Consciousness, therefore, the Pancakarma, this is the name of its classic cleansing programs, includes practices for the body, for the mind-heart and for the soul. You not only modify your diet for a determined period of time, but you also receive recommendations on exercises that will bring balance back to your mind or harmony in the rhythms of your day to day that substantially improve your lifestyle. Many areas of the person's life are addressed and the process in itself is a wonderful, sacred ritual. One of the primordial goals of an Ayurvedic cleanse is that you enter into a deeper and more direct dialogue with your soul, with your being of Light and the Universe. After an anual purification you feel renewed even at the deepest levels, you undergo a personal transformation that propels you to move on to higher evolutionary steps on your own path. Traditional Panchakarma, which means "the five actions", included five key procedures that I only recommend to do in a clinical environment. Modern panchakarmas are more gentle and have modified some of the radical procedures from the old times. As an example, as far as I know, the use of leeches for purifying the blood is not as generalized nowadays and they have been changed for tonics and herbs that are very effective cleaning it in a more peaceful way. Another essential characteristic of an Ayurvedic cleanse is that it takes into consideration that each person needs his/her own protocol because the body-mind constitution and the specific state in which the person demand that the cleanse is adjusted to his/her needs.

We can not forget that whenever the body-mind is going through a process of disease, it is advised to cleanse under the supervision of a medical professional. If you want to take an unprecedented quantum leap in your life, an anual cleanse is a great tool.

For more information, write or call me, I will be delighted to support you in your process of conscious evolution.

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