How many times you stop and observe what is the first thought that crosses your mind upon awakening? Probably very few
yoga, ayurveda, meditation The meditation for BEFORE getting out of bed 16-01-2021

How many times you stop and observe what is the first thought that crosses your mind upon awakening? Probably very few. However, there is a magic, fleeting moment, the one before sleep and wakefulness, that can determine how the rest of the day will unfold.

The most common for us is to hear the alarm clock and reject the fact that we have to get the day going. Often times even mental nasty words like “Fx;?*+ “or “what the *?¿Ç#” will pop up. In this case, right from the start we are setting ourselves to make the waking hours a constant fight with reality.

Yoga and ayurveda teach us how to pay a lot of attention to the spaces between different states of awareness, in this case between being asleep and being awake, because those open the gap between the subconscious and the conscious dimensions, connecting us with the infinite field of possibilities that lies beyond the mind. This way, every morning before getting out of bed we can co-create a new reality together with the Loving Consciousness that is the divine matrix of existence.

What is this good for? Well, to start it is very practical because all that happens that day will flow more easily and happily. We will have to pour less effort into the daily chores and everything will turn ok even in those days when everything seems to be upside down. This is more than enough, but on top of that, our acts, speech and thoughts will have a higher grade of Light and Wisdom, becoming offerings of love towards all.

Do this mini-meditation BEFORE getting out of bed

Upon awakening, stop the impulse in your mind that will want to think about what has to be done or complain about having to get up. The mind in this case is like an out of control purebred horse who needs the peaceful and loving presence of something greater than itself that can bring it back to a state of calm. Then, take a deep breath, with eyes still closed visualize yourself in the dark space of your room. Breathe deeper and remind yourself

    “I am”,

    “I am alive on this beautiful planet”,

    “A new day is about to unfold in front of me, full of magic and infinite possibilities to delight”.

Continue breathing consciously for a few more seconds and then observe what is your dominant breathing nostril (which one blows more air) and as you get out of bed, step on the ground with the corresponding foot first.

It is amazing to start the day meditating!

aham prema


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Buenos días Muchas gracias. Qué práctico y claro. Sin duda lo pongo en marcha. Yo no duermo con el despertador (es el móvil) en mi habitación porque no quiero ningún aparato cerca así que cuando suena, lo primero e inmediato que hago es levantarme para que deje de sonar. Así que creo que lo que debo hacer es comprarme un despertador de pilas, ponerlo en la mesita de noche y empezar con la nueva rutina Any comments, welcome! Bss



Sí, por varias razones es mucho mejor dejar el móvil fuera de la habitación y pasarse al despertador tradicional de toda la vida. Lo óptimo sería que ni siquiera necesitáramos algo que nos despertara y que lo hiciéramos de manera natural, pero las demandas de la vida son las que son y siempre podemos encontrar la manera de mejorar las cosas, ¿verdad?

Mil gracias por tu comentario porque sirve a muchos lectores! Un abrazo grande

Mar Félix Fando:

Así lo haré Zaira, gracias siempre por tus consejos


¡Mil gracias a ti, querida Mar! Es una maravilla saber que los lees y que te apoyan. Un abrazo grandote :)

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