yoga, meditation, lifestyle The meditation that we never ever should forget 28-03-2020

March always talks to me about rebirth, this year more than ever, but in order to be reborn one must go back to the source, to where everything emanates from. There is a meditation that we never ever should forget: the one that awakens the code of being spiritual beings living in a beautiful material body. It gives a deep meaning to life, a perspective, so we don't feel lost . It also amplifies our capacity to delight.

Another way of expressing it is that we are souls living in an earthly suit. If yoga and neuroscience say that we are more than a body & a mind-heart, Why doubt it? It is no question of faith or sci-fi and, even if it were, we should care less because at this time of our evolution on Earth many inner realities co-exist. We each create our own, we¬†have the capacity to live consciously and create paradisiac heavens in the world of matter, but for that to happen, we have to connect first with the ascended spaces and that is what we are doing today. The problem are fear, hesitation and the fluctuations that keep many people captive within limiting circumstances. I invite you to place your attention upwards, to get out of your body & mind-heart for a little bit and to start being aware of your multidimensional reality.  Follow this meditative contemplation:

Wherever you are, take a posture in which your spine is long and free, the base of the central channel open and the crown at the top of the head expanded.

Bring your attention to the breath. the air comes in and out rhythmically, loosening any tensions in your matter.

Now, center yourself in the central channel and bring your attention upwards, towards the energetic tube of Light that connects you with the infinite. Allow your attention to ascend very high, beyond the stars, and keep breathing softly. Then take notice of the space within your own body and of the space that surrounds it. Rest on this experience. You breathe, upwardly ascend through the energetic channel and relax suspended in the limitless field of pure Consciousness inside and outside your physical body.

At first you will have to do this exercise in your sacred space, where you habitually meditate, but with practice you will be able to do it anywhere. Soon you will see how the way you get involved in outer life changes, also, your interpretation of things shifts and, almost without realizing it, you feel free, happy and overflowing with love for not apparent reason, conscious of being a Light Self. Bravo!

aham prema


Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

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