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If it´s not unconditional, it is not love. Interestingly, the idea itself is already contradictory (not unbridgeable) and below you will see why. Our capacity of being unconditional happens in a dance between love and freedom, but are they equatable feelings? We say that love makes us free, when the natures of love and freedom are almost opposite. Yoga´s perspective illuminates this issue and can make us jump onto the great dimension of Loving Consciousness, where we always experience the unconditional.

Love or “prema” is magnetic by nature. It attracts, binds, unites, embraces and compresses. When we love something or someone, we want to have it near, we feel a magnetic attraction towards the object of our love and we don´t stop until we merge with it. People in-love live to be together, voluntarily hand their freedom over to the other in pursuit of their love. To the loved person they offer their time, presence, life and cell phone.

Freedom or “moksha” is expansive by nature. It broadens, dilates, creates space, releases. Being free and honoring the freedom of another human being is giving us the permission to be who we are, to do what we feel in any given moment, to fly without restrictions. There is no attempt to manipulate the behaviour and, in no way, the feelings of the other person.

Unconditional means that something lacks restrictions, conditions or barriers. Unusual for the human heart since we constantly build fences around our love. We tend to love others as long as they behave as we think they should, please us the way we like or while they can accommodate to our personal life´s criteria. It is easy to love our partner and not as simple when we talk about X or Z political figure. We justify the absence of our love´s expansion saying that since they do this or that crazy thing they don´t deserve our love, right? Loving unconditionally means that it sprouts from us evenly towards everything, without conditions and limitlessly.

Here is where we all can improve and for that I suggest the following

exercise to love freely:


Divide one of your journal´s page in two columns. Write down the things, ideas or people you love in one of them and in the other write down what you hate. Do not limit yourself to people, it can be feelings, circumstances, animals, objects, whatever might come up.


Visualize yourself as an awakened soul in evolution, close your eyes and imagine a powerful, pinkish light flowing from your heart and enveloping EVERYTHING that you have written on that page.


From this moment on, when you find yourself in the presence of what you hated, remember the image in the second part of the exercise: envelop it with your love´s light and let it be.

Aham prema means “we are love”.


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