We blossom in the outside only when we grow internally 22-05-2020

We wish to do well in life, it's natural. Well, the way for that to happen is by growing in the inside first and giving all our attention to the awakening of the Self. Since we have never been instructed on how to do it, it is hard, is easy to fall, to feel blue even to the point that we throw the towel, but it is the only thing that allows us to bloom personally and globally. It will happen sooner or later, you will discover who you are, you would have grown and developed your full potential.

Growing this way means that you live according to your soul. What you do, think or say happens in a state of awareness of being who you are, twenty four hours a day. This comes, always and for everyone, just as when you were a child and wanted to go to the park on your own but you were not allowed to do so because you were too small. Time goes by and your body-mind develops and you are ready to leave the house by yourself, at first, only to go to the news stand and buy the Sunday paper for your parents. Then the day comes when you travel around the world and you don't even remember the afternoons when you stayed standing by the entry door watching your older siblings go out with their buddies. Everything comes, your blossoming too. Nevertheless, we have been taught to be centered only on the external stuff (better said, to be distracted), to get things through effort, in separation from the consciousness that we are. Sooner or later, these patterns wither because they don't come from your Self's intention.

People that practice yoga and conscious spirituality enjoy very rich lives, bursting with delight and experiences that really fulfill us. We know that each meditation and each practice unfold one more petal. This is the support of our outer lives, it allows us to feel success in the things that we do, in the way we create a satisfactory professional life, personal relationships filled with love and an involvement in the collective evolution that is based in Light.

After being confined for so many weeks we have the opportunity to do things differently. May we take our hands to the center of the chest and may our actions, speech and thoughts spring full of Light, Wisdom and Love.

aham prema

  Photo by Maud Bocquillod on Unsplash

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