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Today is a very auspicious day for practice because Navaratri starts in India and it is the biggest festival to the Supreme Goddess. During nine nights and their days the presence of the Divine Feminine Principle is glorified in all that exists, in nature, in the body and also in the mind-heart. Our world continues to be heavily influenced by masculine patterns, but a new way of living is emerging. What is the feminine mind and why is it beneficial to awaken it now?

Masculine and feminine are not codes that men and women present in exclusivity. Every human being has masculine and feminine vibrational characteristics. In Yoga and Ayurveda we are very centered on finding the balance between both because that is the way to develop our full splendor. It is time now to give more relevance to the feminine aspects of Self and if you don´t know what they are, here I describe some of its trades:

  • Feeling and sensation are more important than linear thinking. The feminine mind talks through the sensations and feelings that we experience in the physical body. In this sense, matter is the key. 
  • It loves the process more than the destination. Likes to get sidetracked, lost and turned around. The feminine mind is labyrinthic, it explores and recollects, it is not in a hurry. It wanders to the depths knowing that it is not wasting time, but totally the opposite.
  • It lives the fullness of the cycles and it always finds itself in a constant change. Those cycles are determined by the lunar phases that influence all aspects of self, both in women and men.
  • It has the capacity to transform all that weights it down, all that hurts or doens´t serve anymore. The feminine mind loves to renew itself and create changes in the world.
  • It is concave and receptive as a uterus, it surrenders gently and functions effortlessly.
  • Highly intuitive, it knows without the need to analyzing or knowing something rationally. It allows us to navigate through the world following the guidance of the inner compass.

During the nine nights of Navaratri, I invite you to light a candle at dusk and to embrace the exploration of the feminine mind. I will love to know about your experience, leave a comment, please!

Jai Jai Maa!

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The feminine traits you shared completely resonate with me. I especially recognize them at present as it seems particularly women are questioning current policies because they somehow... just don't "feel" right. Perhaps it is their instinctual nature to trust Mother Earth, or perhaps they are no longer willing to go along with an authority they no longer agree with or believe in. Whatever the reason, fortunately, an ever increasing number of men also seem to be accessing their feminine traits...and are not afraid to question or are worried about what others think. Together and balanced, both men and women will be able to meet the upcoming challenges fearlessly in an effort to make life on Mother Earth a better place for everyone and everything.


Wonderful comment! It is so amazing to witness how the feminine ways are emerging, right? The healing transformation that comes from this will takes us a bit further in our evolution. I love how you mention the word "fearless", thank you! When the feminine is really awakened inside there is nothing to fear because we are can really see how supported and held at all times. 


Belén :

Conocerte y estar a tu lado es un viaje diario. Me encanta. Gracias!


¡Gracias Belén! Un placer seguir creciendo juntas!

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