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Taking care of our minds is key. Did you know that the majority of the toxicity in our lives is not in the body but in the mind? Mistaken thoughts about the world, harmful emotions, memories from the past or obsolete mental programs whose cleansing brings a great quantum leap. They are so deeply rooted that the idea might seem impossible at first and this is why yoga and meditation always come to the rescue with their purifying habits.

Do not turn your screens on until after breakfast. Why? well, with it you will avoid starting the day in a reactive mode. The reactive response to outer circumstances is based on the anticipation of a possible problem: a danger comes to me and I react as fast as possible to protect myself. This triggers all the chemical functions of the sympathetic nervous system and stress, which puts your body-mind in a position of vulnerability, not only biological, but also mental and spiritual. However, when you dedicate some time in the morning just to be quiet with yourself, you start responding in a relaxed manner to the input coming from virtual media. Nothing is urgent any more, you remain centered and hold the peace.

Meditate daily. Why? in order to start cleansing mental toxicity is necessary to silence the entrance of all the information coming from the outside through the senses. When you want to clean something thoroughly, you have to empty it first, or at least not stuffing it more, right? Meditation is the most effective practice when we want to do exactly this. On one side, you clear, empty, purify; on the other, you reconnect with your cosmic self and with life in the deepest way.

Speak less and bathe yourself in the silence. Why? Silence allows us to observe the thoughts and emotions that govern the mind. When we can witness what moves through our mental field, we can transform it and cleanse it in the deeper layers. Conscious observation detaches us from the tangle of programs and conditioning that most of the time keeps us trapped. Then you don't identify with them any longer and once you see that you are not that, quantum transmutation happens. Something beautiful arises when you share that silence with others: we start to feel each other's essence, who we are beyond personality, and that enriches substantially our human relationships.

There is a lot of work ahead of us, but it is so exciting! and what is happening nowadays in the subtle levels softens, eases and makes transformation even enjoyable.

aham prema


Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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