Writing is another one of my passions. The fist book I wrote, I was five years old. It was titled Ana, the dancer, an illustrated book about a princess that filled her castle with light every time that she danced.

yoga, ayurveda, lifestyle, cooking, recipes

Yoga en la cocina

We are in need of things that truly nourish us. Yoga en la cocina is educational, entertaining, practical, transformative and delicious. A recipe book to nourish your body, but also your mind and soul. You will find holistic recipes organized in different areas that are very important nowadays.

yoga, ayurveda, inspiration, soul

Una fiesta para el alma

If you have the intuition that life is more than accumulating experiences, this book is for you. Una fiesta para el alma will help you to harmonize the various aspects of your life and you will experiment limitless peace. It is a practical guide that will guide you in your process of transformation in the course of three months. Pure, simple and overflowing with joy from the first page.