Advanced Studies 2021-2022

Intermediate-advanced lev

The Advanced Studies program is a 100-hours course that deepens both in the physical and meta physical aspects of yoga. One of the benefits of joining this kind of program is that it ensures that the evolution of the participants is incredibly luminous, not only at the level of the performance of asanas, but also in the integration of very refined philosophical concepts.

Wednesdays from 13:00 to 15:30.

From September 15h to June 25th 2022.

Advanced level class.

In-studio and online.

Classes will be held at Sadhana Works in Palma (former Zunray). 


Schedule and structure of the class:

Classes take place on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 15:30 and follow the next structure:

  • 30 min. of dharma, philosophy and review of weekly tasks
  • 90 min intermediate-advanced level asana
  • 30 min of seated meditation



The 2021-2022 course will address deeply the Tantric philosophy and the study will be focused on one of its fundational texts, the Yoga Sutra. We will combine the physical, energetic and meditative practices from this tradition, source of true Consciousness awakening in the life of a yogin. 

Of course, we will study in detail the postural syllabus for the intermediate and advanced levels.



The one hundred hours of practice are divided into 38 classes throughout the year and an end of the year mini retreat of five hours.

We will not have class on these days: December 29rd, January 5th and April 13th.


Price and monthly payments

The full course price is 950€. You can pay the entire fee at the beginning of the year or pay an initial registration of 250€ and consecutive payments of 77,50€.

There is the possibility of attending as a drop-in student and the price of a single class is 35€.

In its online format the full course price is 665€ and the single class is 25€.



Attendance to class is a commitment towards yourself and to the group, therefore, when you sign up for the program you assume the responsibility of missing the least number of classes possible. In case of not being able to come to the gatherings in the studio, you will be able to join online.



The requirements to participate are: you have practiced any modality of postural yoga for at least two years; and you have the hability of doing a handstand at the wall and Urdhva Dhanurasana on your own.


Yoga Alliance

If you are a 200-hours registered yoga teacher, this program is part of a Yoga Alliance® advanced yoga certification of 300-hours.