Healthy Habits

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After the candy canes, bubbles and happy chaos... time to find balance!

Reset with the healthy habits from yoga and ayurveda to create good routines. 

Online workshop

January 8th, 2022

10:00 a 12:00

Zoom + recording available forever

After the holidays it is important that we give the body and mind a break: we have eaten and drunk excessively, schedules have been altered, and it has also been emotionally intense. It would be great to regain balance now, but very few know how to do it in an effective and long-lasting way. 

For this reason, I have created this online workshop HEALTHY HABITS in which you will learn how to create routines bringing you wellness, vitality and enthusiasm throughout the year. 


Wisdom of yoga and ayurveda to:

  • Integrate the "top 5" of self-care practices in 2022.
  • Create healthy routines that last long.  
  • Do a super effective reset detox after the holidays. 
  • Enhance your metabolism and immune system.    
  • Incorporate in your day the exercises that will keep you calm.  

Includes a meal plan pdf and one guided meditation in audio. 


Give yourself the best start to the new year!

Healthy Habits

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