Inverted Poses

All levels

Go upside down in a safe, healthy and fun way in this workshop where we will explore inverted poses.

January 22nd, 2022

10:00 to 12:30


In-studio at Sadhana Works

Online via Zoom

Inversions are the least practiced group of postures during a yoga class. In many cases because we are afraid of falling or of hurting ourselves. However, they bring incredible benefits to all aspects of our being and we would be paying a great service to ourselves if we learned how to practice them correctly and spend some time upside down every day.


In the postural workshop INVERTED POSES you will learn:

  • To practice safely, transforming fear and limitations.
  • Effective alignment tips and healthy practice.
  • The use external props as tools for improvement, without becoming dependent on them.
  • Smart and progressive sequences to advance step-by-step.
  • Which are the health benefits  for the body, the mind and the soul when we practice inversions habitually.


The world is upside down, turn it around!