Meditation for beginners

Basic Level | January 24

Meditation is the practice that fills our days lives with balance, inner peace and joy. There are many academic studies that support its benefits for the mind as well as for the body. Therefore, establishing a daily meditation practice will favor all areas of your life.  

In this introduction to meditation course you will learn the basic principles of meditation that will make its practice pleasant, enriching and long-lasting. We will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one so we can clarify doubts and overcome the obstacles that might present in your path as a meditator. 

It doesn´t require that you do yoga, nor you have to have meditated before. "Meditation for beginners" is designed taking into consideration the needs of all those who wish to be initiated in this ancient technique.  


Online Course with live sessions (not pre-recorded)

January 24th, 31st & February 7th

Sundays 10:00 to 11:00


  • 3 online classes live and taught by me (60 mins each).
  • 3 guided meditations in audio format so you can practice during the week.
  • 21-days mentored whatsapp group so we can be in touch at all times and you can have a space where you may share your experiences, ask questions and count with my mentorship throughout the day. 
  • 3 videos of the recorded online sessions,fantastic for those who can´t attend the broadcasted lessons live. 

Start the year the best way: meditating. 



Meditation for beginners

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