Mythology, meditation, mantra

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Online course on the goddesses and gods of yoga.

Meet the deities of tantra-yoga and learn how to work with them in order to advance in your inner path.

12 weeks.

From October 2nd to December 18th.

Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:30.


The online classes will be broadcast via zoom and you will be able to join the sessions from wherever you are. Just make sure that you have a good internet connection. Onliners will receive the recording of the classes at the end of the course and will be able to watch them without an expiration date.


Each class will bring to you the understanding of one myth and the deities involved in it as well as one meditation created for the activation of the hidden wisdom in the myth and the mantra associated with the awakening of the corresponding archetypical power.


Some of the contents that we will explore in this course:

  • Mythology is a need.
  • Working with the archetypes.
  • The gods and goddesses pantheon of the tantra-yoga traditions.
  • The masculine and feminine trinities.
  • Superheroes and heroines and the confrontation between the good and the evil ones. The Samudra Manthana.
  • The triumph of the divine feminine principle. The Devi Mahatmya.
  • The wound´s threshold and how Ganesha lost his head.
  • Stories of devotion. Princess Draupadi.
  • Love playing. The Rasa Lila.
  • The heroe´s journey. The Ramayana.
  • Serving the universal law. Hanuman the immortal.
  • Minor deities and the forces of nature.
  • How to live your own mythic life.


Start living your own mythical existence.


Mythology, meditation, mantra

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