Yogini. Weekend for Women.

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Weekend intensive course to awaken de feminine power.

Based in the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda, it teaches us the secret practices of the yoginis, the women of yoga, practices that promote the development of out fullest potential so we can live in the world as awakened women. 

Dates and schedule: 

June18th and 19th, 2021

Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 17:00


The program is structured in five lessons. Each one includes theory, activities and time for questions and answers that will cause your divine feminine energy to floursih. According to Ayurveda, when ii is active in the body-mind, we enjoy the power to heal, sustain and create. 

  • The power of the divine feminine.
  • How does a woman practice yoga?
  • Tools for transformation.
  • Enlightened partnership.
  • Your role in the world.


Yogini 2022 will take place in a magical hideout of Deià, Mallorca,where you will be able to realx and dive deep into the discovery of your divine feminine essence. At the end of the day, you will have time to enjoy the environment even more going for a walk, swimming in the sea or simply contemplate nature. 

This year, Mountain Wellness studio will host us with their signature care and attention.


During the workshop there will be plenty of healthy snacks and drinks, courtesy of the house. 

And since meal times are moments to share and celebrate, S´Hortet will prepare for us a vegan, colorful and vital menu that will nourish your female body and soul. Meals in their delicious setting is optional and has an added cost. 


“Reverence to the Divine in its form of Feminine Power (Shakti) that protects the entire world in various ways" Rig Veda


Yogini. Weekend for Women.

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