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Personal Sessions

One of the areas of my work that I most enjoy and bring the most satisfaction to my life are personal sessions with yoga students and spiritual coaching clients. I just love to witness how all of them evolve, grow in happiness and understanding! Throughout the years, I have been able to watch the most amazing changes.


Here you can reserve a personal session. Choose where:

  • Your home
  • Online


My concept

I accompany you in your path of self-discovery in an integrative way, using spiritual tools and holistic healing techniques that cultivate health, restore balance and manifest your authentic joy.

Together, we work on the different aspects of your life: body, mind and soul.

Personal sessions are suitable for those searching a deeper approach. When you meet with me for a consultation, the first thing that happens is that we sit with and chat amicably about different aspects of your life: activities, nutrition, work, about your belief system and possible stressing circumstances. In each session, we create a body-mind-soul plan with recommendations for you to bring into practice into your every day and that will allow you to undergo a deep transformation. We will utilize simple techniques like the breath or the present moment awareness and more unusual ones like angelic vibration and symbols.

The wisdom of Ayurveda and Tantra yoga promote a state of perfect frequency in your body-mind-heart. The reason why it can help you prevent or recover from injuries and physical-mental imbalances that you might have been carrying for a long time.


Personal sessions and coaching consultations help this way:

  • Create a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhance health in the body, the mind and the soul
  • Stablish a harmonious daily routine
  • Create a nutritional plan according to your constitution
  • Show you how to follow a cleansing detox program
  • Recover the sleep patterns
  • Integrate the practice of conscious movement and re-educate the functional posture throughout the day
  • Know yourself
  • Understand who you are and what is your role in this lifetime
  • Ease anxiety and handle stress
  • Create relationships based on love and respect
  • Meditate
  • Transform your life
  • Manifest your aspirations and dreams
  • Find the sense of direction in the evolution of Self


How to start

You only have to get in touch with me and arrange a personal or virtual appointment. Each meeting lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, although I recommend that you dedicate more time in your calendar to it because it is very important that you come to it free from rushing, giving yourself a few transitional minutes before and after.

I recommend that we work together during three sessions to start. You will have plenty to do on your own between sessions because you will come out of each meeting with guidelines to bring into practice.

The price of one session is 150€. My calendar is quite busy, but I can assure you that time is always found. You are really important to me, just get in touch.


For yoga teachers

Many teachers go through phases of stagnation or doubt about how we could improve the quality of our classes. Frequently, we think that more training is the solution, when many times what you most need is the work of coaching for teachers because that can help you to discover your talents and to take better advantage of them. Your classes can regain the enthusiasm and fill up with that “something more” that will make of them an unforgettable experience for all the students.

My consultations for teachers transform you as a teacher and as a person.


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