This is how everything started

The path of awakening is part of me since I was in my mother's womb. It was in my teen years and under the guidance of my teachers when I was initiated into living consciously. From then on I dedicated myself fully to the awakening and expansion of the Self's luminosity. Years ago a student said about me "Zaira is a singer and weaver of tales that come true" because I incorporate the beauty of chanting and meditation in my classes and consultations giving them a purity that distinguish them from other approaches. My knowledge of ancient wisdom will inspire you to practice effortlessly, full of grace and delight.


I have extensive and deep training in various Yoga styles as well as other holistic healing techniques. I teach yoga since the year 2000 and since 2003 I am registered with the International Yoga Alliance as a RYT-500 and Continuing Education teacher. I was accredited as a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher and previously certified as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Have developed therapeutic yoga programs for adults, athletes, teens, children and children with autism, as well as for several academic and wellness institutions in Spain and internationally. I also offer private instruction, teacher training and consultations for teachers.


My commitment to serve others inspired me to study Ayurveda with renouned practioners in India and the US. Ayurveda is yoga's sister discipline, it focuses on promoting a way of living and healing that arises from inside. A wholesome life is holistic and integral. There are many aspects of ourselves that we explore and improve in the private consultations. As an ayurvedic lifestyle and wellness coach I guide people into transforming all those things that might be creating an imbalance: the health of the physical body, the emotional/mental freedom and higher states of awareness.


Writing is another one of my passions and I have authored four books of great international reach in the fields of yoga and Ayurveda: Una fiesta para el alma, Yoga en la cocina, Mujer radiante y Quiero dormir. All of them were created with the intention of bringing some Light into our lives. Besides, I am quite active in my blog and I have collaborated with renowned companies in the field of health and wellness like the show “Saber Vivir” of the national Spanish TV, Amazon Alexa, Urano Ediciones y Grupo Planeta, Elle or ¡Hola!, among others.


Nowadays it is inevitable to take one step further. There are more and more people that feel the need to explore the field of consciousness. You are a universal being and knowing this immense aspect of who you are is very important in order to live happy, satisfied and witnessing how your life takes the path that you really want to walk. Together we can develop your body, mind and soul.


I am a passionate of language and literature, this is why I majored in Linguistics at the Complutense University of Madrid and I also hold an M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. I have taught Spanish to students of all kinds and ages, in universities, private schools and through private lessons in the US and Spain. Teaching has been part of my family's lineage for the last four generations and it is an honor for me to be able to share the ancient wisdom of the elders with you. Awakening, healing and tantra yoga are my passion in this lifetime, my sanctuary and sacred space. To my students and clients as well as to all my teachers I offer deep gratitude and recognition.



Estefanía P.

Conocí a Zaira en un curso de preparación al parto, yo estaba embaraza y llena de miedos. Después me quedé en las clases de yoga para embarazadas y luego a las de bebes y mamás. Más tarde llegaron las de yoga y los talleres extras, así poco a poco acabé asistiendo a las clases para profesores de yoga.
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Saskia G.

Zaira conoce la luz y nos lleva hacia ella. Pocos seres tienen la habilidad de mostrarme el camino, Zaira es una de ellas, su presencia es catalizadora y de una maestría reveladora.
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Quería agrader la hermosa experiencia que he tenido en el programa de coaching para profesores de yoga con Zaira. Hemos compartido 3 clases, pero han sido suficientes para cambiar algo que yo necesitaba.
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Angels A.

Hace 16 años, tras venir a la tierra mi hijo mayor con una enfermedad rara y buscando, desesperadamente, algo que me permitiera estar fuerte para sacarlo adelante, empecé con lo que ahora es parte imprescindible en mi vida, el yoga.
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Mia L.

Cuando vine a Mallorca, hace unos nueve años, una de las primeras cosas que hice fue visitar varios estudios de yoga y probar diferentes clases. Un buen día aterricé en Zunray (tenía otro nombre entonces) y conocí a Zaira y la práctica de Anusara. En ese primer contacto ya sentí que quería trabajar con ella, que aprendería mucho de ella, y así ha sido y sigue siendo.
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Kristine Z.

¡Eres una maestra absolutamente fantástica!

Cuando yo empecé la formación de profesores de yoga contigo, realmente empecé a ir por mi camino en esta vida. Y por eso he tenido un gran cambio en todos los niveles.
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