21-days mental detox 27-03-2015 Edit-Pick-post L iving is about renewing constantly at all levels. Past Drops of Light spoke about renewal in body and environment. Today it is centered in the mind and I show you an easy 21-DAYS MENTAL DETOX. The roots of how we feel in the body lies in our mental patterns, ideas about ourselves and unresolved emotions hidden in the mind. Check out these guidelines for a general cleaning in your head this Spring:

1. self-observation

Watch what kind of thoughts you tend to have throughout the day. Sometimes they are not easy to swallow and you might find yourself being bombarded by continuous negative ideas about yourself and life. Turning inwards and watching is the first step, kind of like when you have a wound and lifting up the bandage makes you shiver but you know that it is what you need to do if you want it to heal.

2. download everything

Using the following techniques: first, write down on a diary the messages that make you feel bad. Imagine that they come out of your mind coming through your arm and hand sticking to the paper. (Important! at the end of the process you have to do a burning ritual to let that go); and second, practice conscious relaxation every day. In the evening, lie down for 10 minutes of relax time, breathe gently and remind yourself "I breathe, relax and let go".

 3. meditate

Meditate visualizing that a golden light rain is showering over you and it softly cleanses your body-mind-soul. Every thought that crosses your mind is being transformed by this great light.

 4. presence

Throughout the day cultivate a state of presence awareness. The most important time is now and in this now we can only think one thought at a time, so choose the ones that enhance your wisdom and love.

5. nature

Everyday of the 21 spend some time in nature doing nothing. Go to places where you can't see anything man made. take your shoes off, ¬†connect with the Earth and allow its purifying forces to soak your body.   You can start whenever you want, but tell me how did it go when your are finish, will you? Your experience is more important than what you think, drop a comment.

SHANTI, always

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Love it - thanks for sharing!

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