3 keys to love your life when you are not on holiday 02-09-2016 Unknown H ere I am, in the middle of my holidays, meeting fascinating people, exploring new horizons and this morning I woke up thinking about you, dear reader. Do you know why?  Well, the reason is that I missed writing to you, because I love my routine, my tribe and my job. And you are part of all of that. I am having a great time, don't get me wrong! but at the same time I will not mind when vacation is over. I have a wonderful place to return to and that makes me feel secure and calm.

3 keys to love your life when you are not on holiday

1. Life always brings you what you need in order to evolve¬† Your circumstances here and now are the way they are for a reason. You might not fully like them or they might be uncomfortable, but you can look for the value that they have. The job that you do might not be the most fitting or you don't fully like the place where you live. Instead of complaining, search inside in order to understand what are the lessons or the hidden messages. 2. Dedicate yourself to what makes your heart smile Think about the huge amount of hours that you spend at your job, commuting back and forth or doing other things related with this part of your everyday life. Dedicating yourself to something that doesn't fulfill you at all levels is a sad way of letting your life go down the drain. The universe needs what YOU have to offer and that only happens when your heart smiles. 3. You are the copilot Surrender to the organizing principles of life knowing also that you have the capacity to co-create with it and manifest a reality that shows your deepest feeling. Starting to outline the path for things to change requires the right effort, attention and infinite patience, but it is possible!   I keep my life and I keep it forever. Not being a static conformist because I know well that there are refinements to do and many things to learn. I keep it with the feeling that I am in the right path for myself and that everything is cared for.   I can't wait to see you at the studio or virtually!


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