3 yoga blessings for your health 01-02-2013


Do you know that paying attention to only three things, you can generate a revolutionary change in your health and level of happiness? And, do you know that Yoga educates you to know how to do it?

Recently, I saw a very interesting interview to a well-known traditional doctor that has been including alternative practices to the treatments given to his patients. He listed three actions we must take in order to positively influence our lifestyle and health. All the recommendations can be found among the benefits of yoga. It is also a reasonable number, easy to remember and to apply.

1. reduce the levels of stress: it is the main cause of disease in our society. Some of us are under its influence more that others but, in general, we all can feel it. Anxiety, sleep disorders, heart problems, digestive discomfort, irritability or fear to the future are some signals telling us that we are stressed. Yoga helps us regain our state of peace and happiness because it teaches us how to breathe, meditate and let go of all that burdens us and stops us from laughing and being joyous.

2. move your body: if we want to stay healthy, it is really important that we move our body. A sedentary life not only damages several functional systems, but it also stops our mind from staying alert and open to learn new things. Yoga teaches us to move our body in a way like no other discipline does. The practice of asanas during the yoga class offers a complete workout at all levels. It increases endurance, flexibility and strength; we put our body in positions that we normally don't do and we get filled up with vitality.

3. eat consciously: the correct diet brings forth radical changes. Yoga shows us the way to make the right choices when we choose what to eat. Because yoga balances our hormonal system, it stops unhealthy cravings. It also helps us recognize what foods hold more vital force and which ones are more in sync with our mind-body constitution, with our environment and with the season of the year.

Yoga is one of the most potent tools that we have at our reach. The next step is that you share this post with your friends, try a class and enjoy the blessings!

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